AutoGRAPH-ST (GLONASS / GPS) • Anti-Theft Beacon



AutoGRAPH-ST is an autonomous and compact anti-theft device intended for acquisition of the exact coordinates of assets and delivery of the coordinates to the customer by SMS, Email and GPRS.

In addition to location, the AutoGRAPH-ST sends information on current battery voltage, SIM balance, ambient temperature and asset speed to the customer.

A built-in accelerometer detects start of motion, overturning, vibrations and other forces on the device which could be an attempt at wilful damage of the asset. The AutoGRAPH-ST can be customized to send a notification to the customer if the device detects acceleration above a preset threshold.

The autonomous power supply is enough to send 1200 messages. Under normal usage the battery life time is up to 2 years.

Operation of the device is organized in such way that the device is in Standby mode most of time. The AutoGRAPH-ST switches to Operation mode for acquisition of asset coordinates and delivery to the customer. The device will then switch to Standby mode until next period of Operation mode. First of all such behaviour extends battery life time. Secondly, it makes detection by GSM/GPS scanners more difficult by limiting operational time.

All operation parameters of AutoGRAPH-ST are configurable, so the device can be customized for a great number of applications. Standard profiles provide quick setup of the device for most common applications by sending a short command to device. Remote setting allows the customer to control the device by sending settings in an SMS from anywhere without device removal and connection to a PC.