The TKLS fuel level sensor is designed to measure fuel level in a vehicle fuel tank and transfer this information to external devices via one of the supported interfaces.

The TKLS can be used as a replacement of the factory-fitted standard fuel level sensor or as an additional sensor for fuel level monitoring.

The TKLS supports data transmission via RS-485 bus, in LLS and Modbus protocols, and via frequency output as pulses proportional to measured fuel level, PWM signal or periodic sequence.

In addition to fuel level, the sensor measures ambient temperature and sends the readings to an external device.

Any device equipped with RS-485 which supports data exchange in LLS or Modbus protocols can operate as an external device (for example, a level indicator or an onboard vehicle tracking device).

The TKLS sensor is equipped with Bluetooth module, which provides the sensor remote configuration via Bluetooth using any mobile device. By means of configuration utility, developed by TechnoKom specialists, a new configuration can be sent to the sensor remotely without sensor uninstallation.

The TKLS is equipped with 3-axis digital accelerometer and inclinometer with wide range of full scales from ±2g to ±16g intended to detect motion, determine the sensor’s orientation, measure vibration level, determine inclination angle, etc. Data from the accelerometer is used in fuel level calculation and provides more accurate level data due to accounting such specific details as fuel movement in the tank during vehicle motion, vehicle inclination and etc.